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SSB SFR - 2022

The façade of the existing house was stripped back to the structural framing and then wrapped in Shou Sugi Ban.  A new metal roof with clever ventilation completed this seemingly austere residence.  But, appearances are often deceiving.  Bright Black Locust fencing encloses the yards around the house, planted by the owner with vibrant flowers and rich greenery.  You are greeted by the trickling sounds of water from a small fountain when you enter the yard. Following the pathway to enter the residence will bring you towards a second fountain echoing the sounds of water.  The oscillation of energy continues into the home where the interior of the home was reworked to add an additional bedroom within the existing building footprint.  Large sliding doors open out to the back yard where a new pool with a waterfall edge is shaded by a small tree.

Shou Sugi Ban
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